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Forthcoming  Events.

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Synopsis of Professor Keith Ray's talk.

Twenty four skeletons were discovered in a mass burial pit at Sutton Walls in 1950-51 during archaeological excavation. Several had been decapitated and all appeared to be males in their prime of life. What was their identity as a group and what were the circumstances of their violent deaths and summary burial? The tentative possible answer to these questions implicates a third: What were they doing at Sutton Walls in the first place?

A joint event by Sutton Walls Conservation Group and Sutton Environment & History Group.

Contact Judy Stevenson 01432880748 or

Jane Keating 01544 318310 for more details.

Historical Walking Trail.

Sutton Walls Conservation Group have launched an exciting new heritage walking trail map that transports you back in time to explore life on Sutton Walls in the Iron Age and Roman periods as well in the time of Ethelbert and Offa.

Please note the footpath is uneven, steep in parts and can be quite muddy. You will need sturdy footware.

You can buy a trail map and walk at your leisure. The map is on sale at the Golden Cross pub in the centre of Sutton St Nicholas or you may print your own lower quality image using the pdf icons next to the following images.


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Significant News.

Sutton Walls Conservation Group has taken a big step forward in securing the wonderful Iron Age hillfort's future for generations to come.

The group, which was established in 2017, responded to a call from Historic England to help manage the site as it was on their 'at risk' register. Working with the Gwynne family, who have owned the site for several generations, the lease has now been signed, giving the SWCG the responsibility as tenants to take on the task of managing the site in terms of its outstanding value for archaeology, nature, farming and people.

The next step will be to instigate a Conservation Management Plan, which will inform and guide the way forward and could include a range of actions such as providing interpretation boards, coppicing, opening up viewpoints and stabilising the hillfort's ramparts. The public footpath, which circumnavigates the hillfort and is excellently maintained, will continue to provide access to the site and a great opportunity for walkers. Find out more by picking up a Heritage Walking Trail map from the Golden Cross pub or visit . Keep an eye out for more news and opportunities to get involved in looking after, and making the most of this amazing site, right on our doorstep!


Visitors to Sutton Walls should please keep to the public footpaths at all times.

Historic England's Heritage at Risk Register 2019,  Case Study, Sutton Walls Camp.

Read full case study text of this important document by clicking the pdf icon.


Above text and photograph are copyright of Historic England 2019

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