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Kathleen Kenyon: Excavations at Sutton Walls, Herefordshire 1948 -1951 (1953)


Sutton Walls Camp, A quick exploration of West entrance primary sources.

 Jez Bretherton,       Historic England, 2021. (Not currently available)



Other Resources.


The Woolhope Club

            Search their Transactions for Sutton Walls.

            See a brief synopsis of those items here.            




Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, Broad Street, Hereford. HR4 9AU

Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6LA

National Monuments Records Centre, Swindon.




Keith Ray: The Archaeology of Herefordshire: An Exploration (2015)                                                ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1906663963  ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1906663964


Annie Whitehead; Amberley Publishing 2018 : ‘Mercia, The rise and fall of a Kingdom'

            ISBN 1445676524-10 : ISBN-13 9781445676524


George Children & George Nash: Prehistoric Sites of Herefordshire (1994)

ISBN 10: 1873827091  :   ISBN 13: 9781873827093


Nicholas Thomas ‘Guide to Prehistoric England’ (page 150/151)

ISBN 10: 0713432675 :    ISBN 13: 9780713432671


Lock, G & Ralston, I  2017: Atlas of Hillforts of Britain and Ireland

available online at


Sutton Walls Iron Age Hillfort, Historical Walking Trail. (2019). Sutton Walls Conservation Group, Georgia Riley. (see News, Events and Involvement page of this website)


"St. Ethelbert of East Anglia, King and Martyr". Translated from Russian to English by Dmitri Lapa.


John Leland (1503 -1552) The itinerary of John Leland in or about the years 1535-1543. (In Latin)


John Britton (1771- 1857) The Beauties of England Vol 6.

ISBN 10: 1241314772 :  ISBN 13: 9781241314774






In Search of the Dark Ages, Episode ……, In Search of Offa: Michael Wood, BBC TV. 1979  Starts 10:15minutes into programme.


Time Team, Season 7, Episode 10: In Search of the Palace of King Offa, Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire (2000)


Time Team, Season 17, Episode 12: Commanding Heights, Dinmore Hill, Herefordshire (2010).


Further Site Investigation Sutton Walls Former Landfill. 2013 Arcadis EC Harris Report  Powerpoint presentation



Image Collections


Herefordshire Through Time


Alfred Watkins Collection


Historic Environment Record (HER912)


Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography (CUCAP)



Google Earth. Search for HR1 3AY




Georeferenced maps. National Library of Scotland Historic Mapping.


Ordnance Survey: Differing dates and scales.








Hereford Journal via

Hereford Times via



Regarding St Ethelbert Legend.


Giraldus Cambriensis, in his life of St. Ethelbert, speaks of this place by the name of King's, Sutton, and South-town Walls. 

Florence of Worcester (early 12th century)

William of Malmesbury (12th century historian), 

Osbert of Clare (d. 1158, later Abbot of Westminster) 

Gerald of Wales (c.1146-c.1223)chronicler, 

Matthew Paris of St Albans (c.1199-1259) 

Richard Cirencester (d. early 15th century) chronicler.

John Brompton's Chronicon (medieval historian)

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